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Breckenridge Guide/Lesson?

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Hello, all,


I'll be skiing Breckenridge from Jan 22-28.  I'd like to hear if anyone has any suggestions on guide or lesson services.  I see that the resort offers lessons, but it's nice to hear others' experiences.


My main purpose for this is because I'd like to get familiarized with some of the tucked away spots on the mountain that I probably won't be able to find on my in my limited time there.  And getting some tips on my skiing would be great too.


I've skied one day at Breck before with my girlfriend and her brother in-law who is an ex snowboard instructor at breck. Since my girlfriend was in tow, we took it easy and stayed on peak 8, but I did get a few laps on the imperial bowl and the peak 7 bowl (I think it was?).  So I got to see very little of the mountain.


As for my abilities, I would consider myself an int/adv skier. I generally ski the east, and I'm comfortable skiing mostly anything out here.  And although I didn't get to ski much terrain and breck last time, I was very comfortable skiing the bowls. I'd love to find out where the best tree runs are. I intend on getting lost in some trees.


It would also be great to play keep up with any locals are willing to show a jersey boy some fun parts of the mountain.

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I did the "Big Mountain Experience" a few years ago with my son and we liked it.  Showed us some good spots we wouldn't have found on our own (the Windows, Boundary Chutes (bowl? something like that)) as well as the obvious spots (Lake Chutes, Horseshoe Bowl).  Pretty reasonable price for all-day in a small group.


There is also a Breck instructor who is an infrequent poster here -- forget his exact handle, but I think it has snow pro in it.  I havent met him in person, but I've been impressed by what he posts here and on his own website.  He seems to do a lot of upper level group lessons.

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I believe the mdf is referring to Johhny Lawson (Snow Pro) but, he is no longer at Breck he is at Loveland now I think. I haven't personally taken lessons at breck but, you shouls check out this link  it's basically the Big Mountain experience. Worth it for the price I think. A good way to start out your trip and then know the Mtn for the rest of your trip. 

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Thank you for the response.  Prior to posting this thread, I had done some research and I had actually already read your thread on the big mountain experience.  I haven't been able to find that service.  Perhaps it's no longer available?


I think you might be referring to Jonathan Lawson from snowpro.  I looked him up as well, and he isn't working at Breck this season.


If you have any contact info on the big mountain experience, I'd love to hear back.  I just can't find anything online for it.

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Yeah, Jon is who I was thinking of.. too bad he's not there this year.

It looks to me like the "Adventure Session"

may have replaced the BME.  The price went up a bit (but it has been a few years) and it looks like they may (emphasis on may) have reduced the level a little.


Other than that, I'm out of info.


There are a number of folks who know Breck well that post here, though I don't know how current their ski school knowledge is.

Hopefully one of them will see your thread and give you some more help.

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Kevin O'Handley is an L3 that has been at Breckenridge for many years and knows all the great lines. Great guy too. You can reach him through the ski school.

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Here are the folk I'd recommend.

Mark Bafby. One of the best, if not the best, instructors at Breck. He is a former examiner and one of their top trainers
Carl Richter. A great eye and instructor, and a lot of fun to ski with.
Matt Beveridge. Former pro free skier. He'll definitely take you to the goods.
Chris Abel. He's a younger guy, but very strong skier.
Kevin is ok, but he doesn't seem to want to ski as much as I do.

If it was my money, I'd spend it on Bags (Mark).

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 The "adventure series" can get you guided skiing on the most challenging terrain on all four peaks.  Basically the same as the former Big Mountain Experience except the class is limited to four and generally ends up being a private lesson.   Go on a non-holiday weekday and it's almost guaranteed to be a one-on-one.


Others you might consider doing a private lesson on terrain with are Jennifer Losch--former extreme skiing competitor; Randy Brooks, a very experienced examiner and teriffic skier; Kevin Eddy (who posts here as Notarious Spag), a PSIA trainer;  Scott Provorse, a retired examiner;  Tommy Banks, who just went back to instructing after being training director at Breck for a decade, an examiner and great teacher/skier; Tommy's brother, Jim  Banks, also an examiner and very strong skier.

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Awesome.  Thank you for all of the responses.  It looks like the adventure session might be the way to go since I will be there on for a non holiday week.  I will also check ou some of the instructors listed above.


Any suggestions on the best way to hook up with some locals to make some turns with?  I'm traveling with a group of 6, but the others will be staying on groomers for most of the day.  Im frequently skiing alone in situations when I know it's not the wisest decision so I'm trying to become smarter about this.  I'll probably get a day or two with my buddy who is a former breck boarding instructor but he now a law student in Denver so I doubt he will have much free time to make his way out to Breck. It would be nice to find some others. I may post on the "get togethers" forum.


Thanks Again

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I will be there on the 23rd.

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Thanks again, guys. I ended up getting the first day out with a buddy who is a former instructor so he showed me a lot of the good spots on the mountain.  We also had a lot of great snow early in the week.  I also took some turns with an off duty instructor and a former Whistler pro patroller so I got to ski some fun stuff with those guys that I probably wouldn't have made it to alone (needles eye, magic carpet, cj's, etc.). 


Another classic part of the week is who I ran into at the vista haus on top of peak 8...



Very cool of him to take some time and chat with a buddy and me for a bit.

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Ha! Plake! Lucky you!!  ;-)

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