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HTTP Zombie Is Attacking!

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My computer is receiving notices that it is being attacked by something called the HTTP Zombie Exploit Toolkit Request.  I've tried to read three or four different threads and each time my computer is notified that this attack is coming in from an epicski.com url (too long to type and unable to cut and paste).  The first 2 times Norton indicated that the "destination address" was Huddler, and now it's showing as just an IP address. 


Just thought you'd want to know.  I'm logging off now in case the attacks continue...

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I'm getting it too.  Here is a screen capture of the details.



Might be funny if it said.. "MMMMMmmmmm   Brainsssss  eat computer brains.....


But this is no joke.  Looks more like spyware/adware.

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Huddler has investigated. This is a false positive. They have reported the problem to Norton. Stay tuned.

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That's sort of what I figured, since I have adware sites blocked.

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Awwww.. no eat brainzz today...frown.gif




But thanks for the update and all clear noticebiggrin.gificon14.gif

By the way, the warning messages have stopped so it looks fixed!

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