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Kids boots for an adult?

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I recently bought my first pair of boots (used) and they are too big.  I'm new to skiing but I'm able to ski 2-3 days a week this season so I expect to really learn a lot this year.


The problem I'm having is that I have very small feet. The boots I bought in the shop where I ski was the smallest adult boot they had. They are a 22.5. I did the shell fit and I have about an inch behind my heel and about 2.5mm per side in width. So I probably need to go down a full size to maybe a 21.5. It looks like most of the women's boots start at size 22.0. In other shoes I usually get children's sizes, my running shoes and figure skates are kids size 3. So my question is can I get kids ski boots? Is there a difference in how they are made as far as performance? I'm short (5'0") so if the boot height is shorter that would probably be better for me, mine come about halfway to my knee.


I'm hoping to get to a boot fitter. I live in southern Indiana so there aren't any near me, but I go to Chicago a few times a year, so next time I'm there I'll go to one in the area. Unfortunately I won't be able to get there until the ski season here is almost over. So I'm debating on buying a smaller pair online or just trying to get by with the ones I have for this year.

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This has been discussed at length before. Briefly, a size 21.0 Jr. boot will have a smaller sole lug that will not fit into adult bindings. They will also be cheaply made boots with cheap liners so there will not be very good support or a very long term fit.


The one shining exception is the Tecnica Diablo 90 or Inferno 90. These boots have an adult sole lug in size 21 and also have a much more substantial liner. We have sold out all that we had and Tecnica is also sold out. If you can find one anywhere.......buy it.


Search out the older threads for more discussion if you need to but the bottom line is.....the Tecnica is the answer.



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Thanks for your response. I did some searching after I posted so I've read the older threads now. Getting myself appropriate equipment is going to be harder than I thought due to small feet but not wanting junior skis. I'll start searching for the Tecnica.

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Update and new questions about bootfitting. I just got my Tecnica Diablo 90 junior size 21.5 in the mail. This size seems right, in a shell fit I have about 1/2 inch or so behind my heel and the width seems good. Overall they fit pretty well. The one big problem is that I have a high instep and even buckled as loose as possible the boot presses down on my instep. My toes were starting to go numb after wearing them for a few minutes and I don't think I can ski in them as they are.


Is this something that can be fixed by a bootfitter? Since these are the right size and I don't really have other options in a 21.5 should I just hang on to them and take them when I can get to a bootfitter (closest would be 4 hours away in Chicago area)?

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did you remove any footbeds in the boots first?

what about if you leave the toe buckles looser (or off?)


thinner socks?

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I have them on now without the footbeds. Big difference, not pressing on my instep anymore. Without the footbeds the boots are too loose in the heel area (they were a little big in the heel even with the footbed). So maybe I just need a custom footbed?

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odds are a custom will help you (and just about everyone else too)  some people use them for performance, some for comfort, and some people find them no better then the stock one. but MOST like them


also, just ski the boots, and I bet your heel will move back in the boot a bit, and move your instep back, into a taller part of the shell.



where did you find the boots?   

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Thanks for your help, I'll get a custom footbed as soon as I can. Now I can't wait to go ski in my new boots!


I found them on Skis.com, they are a few years old, not used just older model and only $149.

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