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Atomic SX 614 broken

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I just broke one of my sx 614s heel housing on Sunday, the SX 614 are not on the recall. I am looking for a SX 614 or Race 614 to salvage the heel housing. Anyone able to help out? I woul drealll        

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my bindingsAtomic SX 614.JPG

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Another picture


SX 614.JPG

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iIRTC, these heels were recalled or was that the other device heel? 99-02 model years. 

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6.14 were never recalled that was 4.12's and some Atomic Device 3.10 & 4.12

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I am good to go. I found a source on Craigslist, I was able to find a pair of skis for $20.00 which I took the heel off the bindings and fixed mine.

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I am in the same boat cracked the plastic heel part, I see you found a pair on Craigs List huh?  Were you able to match it up okay, guess I'll try the same.

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ya when this happens it is quite frightening. Happened to me in the middle of a race. WOW -- DID I go flying!

Nothing hurt besides the binding. I have one good atomic 614 heel though its from 2002 and the other heel failed -- who knows how much longer this one has?


Good luck!


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