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Confused on binding mount position

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Hi Epicskiers,


New here, first post.  I've searched a lot and read a ton about the importance of binding mount position, BOF, etc. but I'm still confused on which way is best for me to go on new skis.


First some background - I'm a 33 year old male, been skiing 25 years.  5'9", 140lbs.  I prefer steeper pitches and soft deep snow, avoid bumps and hardpack when able.  I grew up skiing a ton (ski school when I was little, worked at a resort, etc.) but due to job/location only get to ski 4-6 days a year the past 7 years or so.  I grew in to my skiing "prime" skiing 200+ cm Volkl GS skis (P10's, P30's), then went to wider skis (200cm Atomic Heli Guides) and finally went shorter with a pair of 180cm Volant Chubbs.  I loved the Chubbs but I bought them used several years ago and they are pretty much shot so I decided to buy some new boards this year.  After a lot of research I picked up 174cm K2 Hardsides with tyrolia railflex bindings, mounted on what I assume to be the factory line.  Since I have the opportunity to play around with the mount position I had some questions.


I've skied the Hardsides twice on two different days on two different mountains.  The first day there was about a foot of new and the skis ripped.  I felt like I could charge pretty hard and plow through just about anything, little better float then the Chubbs.  Only thing I didn't like was as stuff got skied out and conditions got more variable I found myself getting the tails hung up in the back seat in tight trees, not a comfortable place to be.  Also, on steeper variable conditions I had a hard time finding a good balance point between the tips getting grabby at the beginning of the turn and the tails hanging up at the end.


The second day was hardpack all day - the hardsides were great on the groomers but I found myself getting in the backseat/tails hung up in icy bumped conditions almost every run - frustrating and tiring.  Never had this problem on the Chubbs so I'm hoping moving the bindings will help.


From what I've read here, it seems people favor moving bindings forward of the factory mount.  Thing is, when I compare the mount of my Chubbs to the Hardsides side by side it seems the Chubbs are mounted farther aft, however it is a totally different ski.  I know the obvious answer is to try both and see what I like better but as I don't get to ski very much (going next week though) I don't want to spend a bunch of time messing with my bindings, I want to ski!  Given the problems I've described, which way would you recommend going with the bindings?



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From what you describe, it sounds like you may be skiing too much in backseat in steeper terrain and bumps.  This is quite easy to do on more difficult terrain, especially at the end of the turn.  Without actually seeing you ski, this is just a guess.  Especially since you say you're fine on the groomers.


So the first thing to do is verify it is in fact the skis and not you.  You may just need to work on actively getting your weight more forward while skiing.


The shorter tails on the Chubbs means less of it will get caught if you're too much back seating, so it makes sense you didn't have that problem.  Also different skis will behaving differently so a lot of it could be due to that.


Since you mentioned you have Railflex, I think you should try different settings on the same day in the same conditions.  Bring a screwdriver with you (or a lot of times the resort has stations outside the chalet you can make binding adjustments with).  It seriously only takes a couple minutes to change.  The RF system has 3 positions you can easily switch between.  forward, mid, and back.  It just requires unscrewing one screw, shifting the binding forward/back and screwing it back in.  Practice at home and you won't lose out on any skiing time, I promise.


Just remember that changing binding position can sometimes be a bandaid to a different problem.  Just make sure you are adjusting the bindings to a certain spot for the right reasons. 


Another thing that some people do is detune the tips/tails of the skis so they don't hook up or grab as hard.  I personally don't agree with this method, but many people swear by it.  Might be related to skiing style.  Something worth looking into.

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