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Bountiful, Utah

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Hi all,

Continuing my request for info...anyone got anything to say about staying in Bountiful for a couple of days?  I'm thinking I could ski Snowbasin from there.  I got an incredible deal on Hotwire for a place there, and it seems like reasonable driving both to SLC and Snowbasin.  I don't really need a great place on/near the slopes and am trying to go cheap.  I'm expecting to have to drive to ski and nightlife if I have the energy.  Thoughts?

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It's just a wide spot along I-15?  Not  a bad location for Snowbasin, but it's a haul to LCC.  

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It is not much of a town, and has serious Mormon influence, so no nightlife. Good luck finding a bar or liquor store.  That said, it would work as a convenient base for skiing Snowbasin and Powder Mountain but, as Shredhead pointed out, it is a pretty long way to Alta or Snowbird. If you hit the weekday commuter traffic or snowy roads it could be 1.5 - 2 hours to get to Alta from there, but less to Park City, Canyons and the backside resorts.

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Bountiful is not 1.5/2hrs from Alta.  Mabey 1 hour at the most.  If roads are bad all resorts are 2 hours form anywhere in Utah.  I'm guessing Bountiful is 40 min. to Snowbasin and 1hr to Powder.

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The way things are going, Bountiful is almost North Salt Lake City these days. As said above, it's very LDS... a lot of the satellite and smaller towns in Utah seem to be that way.

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Thumbs down. Bountiful is about the last place I'd ever want to stay. Maybe if skiing/eating/sleeping was your plan, but if you want nightlife, Bountiful ain't going to deliver. I'd stay in either Salt Lake area or Ogden and just commute--or split the trip up. Unless you're okay forgetting about nightlife and just taking the deal. Layton might be a little better; it's between Salt Lake and Ogden and has a number of bars/restaurants--not a big party town, but a center for shopping/eating.

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