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Renting skis Salt Lake City

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Hi, I posted in another forum, but I'm thinking maybe this one would get more subject-specific traffic.  I'm looking for beta on renting demo-quality skis in the Salt Lake City area in March.  I'm there for five days and thinking of dropping into different areas -- Canyons, Solitude, Snowbasin for sure. 

I'm thinking the best plan is to rent in SLC so as to avoid the daily hassle at each different area.  I'd like to try out several different skis, but it seems it would be easier to aim for sticking with only 1 or 2 models (maybe change once).  I'm willing to give up the ability to change skis mid-day like you could on-mountain if I can find a place that has some fairly high level demos.

Any recommendations for shops?  Price is an issue, but most of all I'd like to try some good skis.  And, like I said, I'm doing both north and south, so I guess I could start anywhere, but I'd prefer to find a place that's mostly central.


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Canyon Sports is probably your best bet for an off mountain rental shop.  Demo ski package is $31.99 per day if you reserve and pay online.  They have 3-4 locations around SLC and will even bring the skis to you for an additional fee.  They also sell discounted lift tickets for all of the resorts you have listed.

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I personally like Utah Ski and Golf.  They have locations all around SLC/Sandy, as well as in Park City.  We change demo models out frequently.  If they don't have a model you want, they will pull it off the shelf brand new for you.  Hard to beat prices too.

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Christy Sports on Wasatch Blvd in SLC.
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Christy's is also at Silver Lake plaza in DV and their D2D, i.e. door to door service is excellent..Very reliable and professional

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I like Utah Ski & Golf.

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