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Demos at Copper and advice

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I am spending a few days at Copper Mountain next week, and am looking to demo several skis.  My current B2's and Legend 8k's are getting up there in age and in need of replacement.  I have skied Copper for several years, but never paid much attention to the demo/rentals.  Is there a place that stands above the rest for demoing skis?  I want to find a place where I can come in throughout the day and change skis, so a good selection would be nice.


I really enjoy my B2's and 8k's.  They are great skis for what I do: slow, easy bumps and trees, not much of a speed demon on the groomed, and don't get many powder days.  The only gripes I have about my current skis is that they can get bounced around in crud more than I would like.  They are also easily overpowered on the steeper groomed runs if I am not careful (especially the B2's).  However, I feel this is a result of them being a little softer that other skis.  I would be hesitant to go much stiffer as I am not that aggressive a skier and don't want to be "on" all the time. 


If anyone has any suggestions for demo, it would be appreciated.  I am 5'10", 220lbs, 43 years old. 


Thank you. 

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A couple that might be interesting for you to try and should be a little stouter...  Atmic Nomad Crimson and/or Salomon Enduro.  First couple that came to mind but all the companies seem to be have some answers.

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Thanks Keniski.


Anyone have experience with the rental locations at Copper?  Is it standard one or two brand/models?  I typically take the bus to East Village, rarely go to Center Village, and have only been to the west base once to use the restroom.  I remember a Christy Sports in the East Village, but am not sure of their demo selection.


We were at Steamboat a few weeks back and they had several places at the bottom, and one at mid mountain, where you could demo several different brands and models.  You could also exchange the skis for a different model very easily.  In retrospect, I probably should have done it there.  However, it was my first trip out this year and it took a few days skiing to realize it is time to to replace my old models.

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