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Sunday afternoon after it started snowing hard, after a couple hour at the Matterhorn my car had picked up a solid 4 inches of snow. Stowe reports 6-8 in the past 24 hour which in reality was zero on some trails and a foot and half on other trails. the base is still thin and the woods are still not really in game yet. I have helmet cam footage of me taking it very easy in the woods, if you come here I wouldnt expect or want to ski them. I know where deadfall is where I am skiing and am doing a great job of avoiding far.



Helmet cam footage of the day. some weird wind slab and alot of my footage was rimed iced away, but here is what I got.


Liz gets the shot of the day.




Sara is shredy to go.



Epic make me ski over rocks.



me, epic and the girls milked this run for a couple hours



Foot Squirt MRG style.




Epic finally brought the katanas up



Sarah glad not enough 3 year olds showed up to ski today....note the sketchy thin cover.164061_494634218356_505253356_5911409_988126_n.jpg


Liz know exactly one style of turn, retraction SL. This was her first day on anything that wasnt a race ski I for see a Bridge or Crush purchase after today's fun.