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Full tilt boot fit questions

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So I have an odd combination of boot foot challenges.  I'm petite and have a hard time flexing a stiff or even moderate stiffness boot, but I have relatively narrow feet and need a lower volume boot.  I am fairly athletic and ski mostly off-piste black diamond terrain, but my leg length makes it hard to flex most high performance boots.  I also pronate, have sesamoiditis, Morton's neuroma, and one foot is slightly larger than the other.  Currently I have Tecnica Attiva Ultrafit boots that were custom fitted with custom footbeds, but now that they've packed out a little they are too big in the heel, ankle, and calf area.  I could try putting Intuition liners in them, but they are already hard for me to flex and the liners would probably stiffen them up further.


I just received a pair of new Full Tilt Lady ski boots, which are an older model but were an amazing deal ($149).  I thought the Full Tilt concept looked interesting, and the Lady model is a narrower fit, which sounded like it would be better for me than the new "comfort" fit models.  Out of the box they feel pretty good, snug fit but no hot spots.  Great fit in the heel and ankle.  Shell fit is good, 1-2 fingers (I have slim fingers).  When I put my footbeds in they feel too tight in the instep, but I'm hoping that will improve once the Intuition liners are molded.  Is that a good bet?  They feel fairly easy for me to flex, but the boots come up higher on my calf than the Tecnicas, although they don't feel uncomfortable.  The only other complication is that they look like they have already been molded once, which may explain the low price.  No signs of wear on the boot bottoms, but it looks like someone tried molding them and decided not to keep them.  I understand that you can remold the intuitions, but do they mold as well the second time?

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mold them, ski them, enjoy them


you can remold the liners a few times, and the liners come molded from factory anyways.

use footbeds when they pack out a bit.

5-15mm = good option for shell fit

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