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I feel it has been a while...

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I've decided (cause I am that cool) that it is time for a contest on EpicSki.




a) I want free stuff

b) I want to win

c) members are getting restless... 

d) a good forum beatdown is overdue.


Who is with me?

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What you got in mind?

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I"m in already lost 25 cents on the BCS game toningt; what are awe playing?

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It's okay stranger, I lost my dignity on the BCS game (yes I talked too much shit... GO WOLF PACK!).

Yet another reason it is time to win!



Ideally the prize should be something cool... and expensive. Like a private island in the Caribbean or better yet... a Mountain!

But let's be honest times are tough.

And even gear is expensive.


We also have to take into account the fact that most of the folks on here are gear whores and really don't need another pair of skis, or boots, or helmet, or silly camera, or jacket.



I think the best prize would be something that would get half the people on here out where they belong! On the slopes that is.

The best prize would be half-a-dozen lift tickets. Since Vail has the Epic pass and this is EpicSki the prize should be 6 Vail Resorts lift tickets and we will call it the Epic 6 Pack (crack a beer and sit back). 


For the contest, I have no idea.

However it probably should involve/promote the ridiculous ski theory discussions, which I know everyone find incredibly boring, stupid and annoying. Blah blah, edge angle, blah blah, wedgie, blah blah, don't ski naked, ice hurts.


How about... write a believable yet complete BS/funny wiki instructing first timers on the "correct" way to ski.


Of course, I am not funding this. I'm broke. Somebody with money should foot the bill. I'm just the guy with the ideas.

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Ya, my Big 10 Ducks lost to those Ivy league Tigers, so I can relare. Tickets are too mooie much,I got a single left glove though would that work? 


Your wiki idea seams a little too extreme for the prize.  How about the best Midwestern slab avalanche story?  You are the the judge though because I'm off to meet Morpheus. 

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

 my Big 10 Ducks


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