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No more kids touching my skis

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I bought some new in the wrapper "classic" 90's slalom race skis, because I really like to run a long skinny ski sometimes.  I was in a hurry to try them out so I took them to a local ski shop that has been in business forever to get them mounted and tuned.  Went through the normal game of 20 questions and went back to pick them up a couple days later.  Took a quick look at them to make sure they were sharp and had some wax on them.


So, the next day I head out to the local ski area pop the new skis on and go for a run.  Put one on edge and it takes off on me, repeat a few more times with the same result.  I'm thinking, jeez I've really become dependant on shape skis, can't even turn a set of "real" skis any more.


Then it occurs to me to check the edges to see if the tips and tails had been de-tuned - nope, razor sharp tip to tail.  Went in to the slopeside tune shop and begged the use of a stone, detuned about 10" tip and tail - amazing they turn like skis;)


So this morning I email the ski shop that did the tune and ask them why they didn't detune like they are supposed to.  Guys response is that if you check level 1 they detune 3-4" tip and tail, level 2 just a couple inches on the tail and level 3 no detuning.  I said, sure for a shape ski but how about for a straight ski.  It seems that he was un-aware that the process was different.


Learned my lesson, nobody touches my Atomics after this unless they are 40+ ;)

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I'm going to take a stab and say it may not have had anything to do with whether they detuned or not.  I always sharpened my pencil stick type gear tip to tail  and at worst they may have been a little reluctant to leave the turn they were in.


The quality of the tools used to tune is light years ahead of the days of running your gear across the giant belt sander to get the base flat then hitting the base and edge with a file.  The new machines get stuff sharp enough to shave with and set different bevels on both the base and edge.  It's a very good bet that along with the issue of detuning they had no idea on what to set the base and edge bevels on a ski that ......well......may have been created before the tech was.

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Allwayskept my "straight" skis razor sharp tip to tail.  Still tune my old SGs that way.  Never had a problem turning them.  Different strokes for different folks.


If you are going to get someone else to tune your skis, leave written instructions.

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Maybe he assumed you could ski?

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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

If you are going to get someone else to tune your skis, leave written instructions.

Probabally won't take any older style skis in there again.  In the past I've always used a small local shop, and I've never had to explain to them how to tune a ski.  Unfortunately they went out of business this year.

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We've discussed this before, but I had the opposite problem once when I wanted my skis tuned all the way to the ends, and the guy doing the work detuned them!  (Same problem, essentially -- I assumed what I wanted was obvious.)


Or, as Karpiel might put it, maybe he assumed I couldn't ski.

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In 2001, Before I headed out west to Snowmass (this was my first experience in the rockies) I had a shop that I never went to before (they sold the old blizzard skis, you know the ones that sucked? before technica fixed them) Tune my skis. First run down a nice long steep groomer on my Atomic Skis and neither me or my Dad could turn! He had his skis done there also. We took them into a shop in the village and the ski tech started to laugh and told us to never go back to the bad shop again. They had managed to make our edges like a wave. ~~~~ When he put them through the base grinder he said it was the worse any skis have ever been. The nice guy fixed em up for free.


So what do I do now? I only go to Bill at Grafton Ski and Cyclery. He does good work. My skis always feel so much more lively after he tunes them. Gotta love the first run on fresh base ground skis.

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I prefer my bump skis detuned a tad. 

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I do my own detuning. Usually on a rock, but sometimes on a tree.

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Could the infamous hanging burr have had anything to do with the lousy performance. I got what I thought was going to be a great tune once and when I skied the skis the next time it was almost scary getting to the bottom of the hill. My friend had the same shop tune his skis at the same time and had a similar experience. For me when I put the skis on edge I couldn't get them off the same set of edges or so it seemed.


Atomic Man here at Epic diagnosed my problem as a "hanging burr" which takes all of about 30 seconds to eliminate with a stone and the problem is gone.and the skis ski great.


I have no confidence in getting a decent tune where I ski so I try and preserve my edges with a little stone sharpening every other ski day. I don'y know how much good I'm doing but it makes me feel better.

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Originally Posted by mdf View Post



Or, as Karpiel might put it, maybe he assumed I couldn't ski.

That's the problem I have, most people assume I have the athletic ability of a rock.

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I've found the only answer is to do it myself.  On the rare occasions now when I need new structure or some other reason for a base grind, I come in with WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS about every nit.  Bevels, marked-on a detuning section EXACTLY, wax, type of structure, etc.  I then take them home and RETUNE them.  I swear since these machines came along you can't get what you ask for, you get what they are used to giving.  Drives me NUTS.  Took the last pair back three times for fixes.  Never again.

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Why detune cause they are older skis? Put some pressure on the forebody and bend those bad boys.

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