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Le Massif, Quebec Canada

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We are going to be heading to Le Massif for a day trip later this season.  We'll be there on a Monday or Tuesday in late Feb. and understand there are several areas at Le Massif to get tickets and change, both at the base and summit.  Being our first trip there, I would like to check it out and have easy access to tickets, changing area, lockers and an apre ski beer.  Any suggestions on the best approach for this?

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Main lodge and parking, ticket windows, etc...all at summit.

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Summit is where it's at.
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Day trip from where? (not many non-Quebecois live close enough for a "day-trip"... just wondering how dedicated you are)

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Actually staying at Mont Saint Anne for a few days and plan on knocking Le Massif off my bucket list while in the neighborhood!

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Thanks.  I figured that was the case.  Is it relatively well marked when arriving?

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It's a very directbdrive from st Anne. I did it in under half an hour. It is easy to find. You will have a great time.
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