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Changes at Revelstoke

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I was looking at 2 different trail maps for Revelstoke resort in BC canada.


I ski there last year and on map this one map shows a new trail from the Ripper chair base to the Gondola? is that true, there is a new route?


Anyone else know of anything new to Revelstoke, this year?



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The front side map is misleading. Look at the "north bowl map".


I was at Revy last weekend. It as my first time ever, so I can't compare to prior years, but it is skiing well.

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It's getting puked on right now. Heavy snowfall warnings for the next few days, so if you can get over the Rogers Pass it should be a sick weekend. The trail on the maps is a fairly flat traverse and a bit annoying. I don't know if the new lift and trails being cut next year for the beginner/intermediate area are close enough to provide any improvements in traversing to or from the Ripper. If anyone has an URL for maps feel free to post.

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