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Has anyone ridden the 2010 Chronic Cryptonite? I can't find any reviews that are un-biased... the only ones I've seen have been by stores trying to sell them. 

Any real world experiance?

For $250 they seem hard to beat. I am interested in the symetrical flex, but not fully symetrical ski. I have Line 1260s Orange w/ DJ from about 2000... they are nice and light. My favorite ski ever, unfortunately they have de-lamenated, fractured, and after 11 years are showing their age.

What are the Chronic Cryptonite's like? Similiar? I ride probobally 80% park, 15% on piste, 5% pow/off piste

I am 5'9" 180 advanced skier. What size should I get with this ski? It's fatter and heavier then my old ski, so for spinning on rails and stuff a the 173 sounds better... but I'm hearing that people are advocating longer twin-tips now... so maybe the 178?