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Visited Killington this weekend. 

Bear mountain area:

 Lower skyeburst was closed to prepare for the Dew tour. So access to the halfpipe was via the dreammaker trail. However the top of Dreammaker was also closed. On Sunday I finally saw the a different entrance to Dreammaker had opened up (via upper skyeburst). The pipe had only a few people in it since only a few could find the entrance and people trying to access the pipe from the stash terrain park could not get to it.  Skyeburst was also remarked as an expert trail, although it seemed the same as last year.

Outer limits was finally open with lots of huge moguls, some grassy spots and powder between them. Made for a fun but very tiring run. Bear claw was also remarked as an expert trail, although it mostly groomed.


Ramshead: Timberline terrain park had a  more jumps set up compared to last year.



Superstar was groomed in the middle and had moguls on the side as usual.

Vertigo headwall was open with huge moguls and lot of powder.

Panic Button: Had been groomed at some point by fresh poweder made it a little bumpy and interesting.


K1 Peak: As I try to avoid the gondola line (which wasnt that bad this weekend) I did relativley few runs in this area.


Snowdon: Still the same old slow lifts here. Avoid it unless you want to take a nap on the lift.


Overall, had a great time.

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I was up there this weekend as well, although i went over to the bear area I didnt stay there. Seemed like a death trap of people who didn't know what they were doing. Trails were way overcrowded. The rest of the mountain wasn't too bad as far as crowds and Downdraft and Ovation both had good bumps.


Even took a picture of the crowds at the bear area because it was so bad:



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That pic looks like lower Wildfire. I skied that last Wed & it was a sheet of ice. Must have been lots of fun with all those people. A few runs were in good shape last week though best being Ovation & they were still blowing on Vertigo. I read they opened a few more trails since I was there.


Not for nothing but I skied Sugarbush on Thurs & to me that mountain was in much better shape.

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Yea i believe it was Wildfire. I probably shouldve checked out OL while i was over there but that crowd scared me away rather quickly.

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Sugarbush on Thursday was empty! I don't think I ever saw a line at any of the lifts.

Although I know the fanatics are still itching to get the Castlerock area open and

Stein's was closed.


But there seemed to be some pretty good skiers out there that looked pretty happy.


We got there after first chair, and we still were able to park in the first rows not assigned

to Clay Brook owners.


Friday had some powder, Saturday a little too.


We had a grand time.





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They're blowing snow on Steins as I type. Should be open shortly.


Anyway it was a pow day today at the bush. If they get a decent amount out of this next storm I'd think it would be enough to open Castle Rock.


Todays vid.


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It doesn't take long to open Stein's when they put their mind to it.  Season's almost here.

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Yep, I skied the Bush on Fri-Sat.  Sat was great.  They got about 4-5" overnight Fri and another 2-3" Sat am.  It was way way better than Friday (though still only about 60+% open, now up to 90%), and the early turns were soft and great.  MRG said they got 18" on Sunday night - that must have been some sort of cumulative total.  They opened Castlerock for hiking today.  Regardless, it's dumping crazy here in CT - about 2 feet outside my door (and a couple of small hills nearby, including a power line easement off of Route 8 that I've been eyeing for years - TODAY is the day!)  Southern VT is getting pummelled, I hope it keeps tracking up north too.  Either way, this is what we needed to get the tree terrain opened up and get back into real winter skiing conditions.  Hopeully we don't get the big warm up to follow like New Years.   

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With the big dump things are looking up. Hope that it continues.

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ARe they going to close anything over on bear for the dew tour? If devisl fiddle and outer limits are closed I am going to be pissed

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