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Technica Phoenix 90s

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I recently purchased the Technica Phoenix 90s Ultrafit. After skiing on them for 6 days, I am still getting pain in the inside of foot. It almost feels like a strained tendon and it starts throbbing after a few runs. I also feel the ridge of the airshell on the inside of the boot( a bit above this throbbing area) pressing against my foot making turns very uncomfortable.

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can you talk to the bootfitter that sold them too you?

what is the shell fit like?


what footbeds are you using?


better with tighter buckles?


better with thinner socks?

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I will bring them back to the boot fitter again. They have already blown them out once. Not sure what shell fit means but the boot is supposed to be for people with "high volume feet". Using smartfeet footbeds and worn with very thin socks. Tighter buckles seems to make me feel the shell ridges more which left a mark on my foot. I might try looser buckles and thick socks next. I also cant tell if the throbbing is caused by muscles cramping in my foot or the arch being to tight.The boot seems to be more ramped than I am used to, so could that cause a muslce or tendon strain in my foot? If so, what should I do?

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