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early tahoe ramblings

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After an extraordinary start to the season, we find ourselves in a little bit of a dry-spell.  We pass this time with lift riding and beer drinking.  I even managed to have an art opening at one point to kill some time.  A special thanks to philpug, trekchick, and budheisman for coming down and having a drink at the reception.


Here's a few photos from the first little go 'round in tahoe this season, with the storm door forecasted to open soon, hopefully we'll get some new pictures...



slowly, the season began to take hold





an early start to an early start





the first skintrack comes with as much anticipation as the first turn






our heads are in the clouds





we tour late





and enjoy the apres ski light show





still the best apres ski...





again, we climb...





often early





those mornings come with reward beyond pow turns before work








we re-fuel





so that we may climb again





with promise of another storm on the horizon





thanks for readin'


pray for snow...

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Looks beautiful. The picture of the fog over lake tahoe and the truckee river reminds me of being on top of Headwall Express about to drop down into Sun Bowl.




We need another massive storm. It was really icy out there today. 

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thanks for the comments...


I keep telling myself we have plenty of snow and juneuary happens every year...


but december whet my appetite and now I'm chompin' at the bit.


Perhaps a week of spring skiing will be alright, maybe a quick run up the south face of jake's next week followed by some beer sippin' at the ice bar at alpine...

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Absolutely gorgeous pictures.  I am planning a trip to the Tahoe Loop 2/28 - 3/7  Any suggestions on how to get somne discount tickets?


Kat In NJ

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Splitter, as usual, your stuff is breathtaking!


Kat Visich, the best place to get discount tickets for the Tahoe Area is either through Snowbomb.com or go to REI in Reno.

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I'm sitting at home in Ct. waiting one more week for my first trip out west for the season.I haven't had skis on yet,and am grateful that I hadn't seen your images any earlier.I would have lost my mind.Beautiful Work

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