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Killington Vt - Downdraft Helmet Cam

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Let me know what you think, I am by no  means a bump skier, actually a racer but I do enjoy banging the bumps. Shot using a contour HD.


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Nice job, what are you skiing on?  It would have been nice to see from the side.

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Head monsters. My nordica race boots aren't very forgiving thou. Legs are sore today. Yea I agree the helmet cam is hard to get a full perspective and the light wasn't very good because of the snow.


The trail was a tricky mess, but it made for a fun challenge. Combination of ungroomed man made snow piles and bumps. Some pics of the trail....




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... Yea I agree the helmet cam is hard to get a full perspective and the light wasn't very good because of the snow.



The cam seems to have a hard time focusing on snow since there is no contrast.


Overall, how were the conditions?  We were at Jiminy Peak yesterday and it was quite good.  Lots of 'soft' on the sides and in stashes.


MRG got 18" last night but still can't open the single.

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What settings did you record your video at? Did you use 1080p for only a 110* fov, or 720p for the wider 135* fov? The Field of Vision just looks a little to narrow to me. 135* I would think should be wide enough, but if that's it, then I'm not sure about this cam. I'm looking to buy a new one myself, but can't decide. I wish VIO would get their sorry act together and either show some more representative clips from their new HD cam, or at least get their production problems fixed. Their new cam looks promising, but I need to pull the trigger soon.

The GoPro seems to have the best quality IMO and best fov at the moment, but I hate the jumbotron look, and although the chest mount is a great option, I don't like the "looking out of my navel at my knees" perspective too much. I think it's hard to watch after a while with hands and snow flying everywhere.

Nice skiing there though, and I have those same skis. Love skiing them at K-Mart too!
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That cam is actually the 720p version. I don't remember which of the two available settings I had it set on thou. My goggles probably limit the vision somewhat thou. The photos were taken with my iphone. I chose the contour hd because I use it for my mtn bike and motorcycle as well.


I also didn't do any touch ups to the contrast or anything which I probably should have.


Yea the monsters are my favorite pair in the quiver. Race skis are starting to collect dust now.

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On second thought, I guess the FOV is pretty good. I think the camera was just pointed down a bit too much. It's hard to get it lined up perfect but I always find some of these vids a little claustrophobic when they don't get enough of the horizon or something, that combined with poor visibility.

I might be considering the Contour with the new GPS feature. That's pretty sweet if it works reliably.
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Thanks for the video.  Looks like fun skiing.

I do find myself trying to look up when watching many helmet videos, too (most everyones, not just yours).

I always liked Downdraft.  I still think the bit just after the Cascade crossover may be the steepest thing at Killington.

Anybody else have fond memories from back when it was the trail they stockpiled snow on for spring skiing?

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Maybe it's my imagination, but I seem to recall Downdraft being about half as wide at one time and one hell of a tough trail back in the day. Or maybe it was just because I was skiing it on Dynamic VR17s.
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I don't think I'm hijacking your thread since this is the video forum and maybe you'll find this helpful. I was looking at the contour site for some more clips. IMO, this example is the 960p (I think), and to me it just looks much more natural. So what's the disadvantage to shooting 1280x960 vs. the widescreen 1280x720p that most people seem to shoot nowadays? Seems like it just gives you more at the top and bottom for the same exact width, so why not?

I realize the 720p has 60fps, but is that much better that you'd crop the height for it? Maybe it's because I don't have a widescreen monitor, just a standard 19" but for me anyhow, I like the view that makes me fell like I'm looking out the helmet and seeing what you saw and I don't think most of us see in widescreen with no sky.

Am I crazy? Anyhow, this clip makes me feel more like the GPS Contour could be the way to go utilizing 960p with that 135* lens


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I can adjust the angle on my helmet cam, I will try a little more upward tilt next time I shoot to see if that helps. Might be playing hooky tomorrow :-)

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Why don't you try shooting some footage on 960p too and see how that looks as well. Have fun there tomorrow!
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