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More Montana Deaths

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This has been a crazy year in Montana.  Two more deaths at Whitefish this weekend.



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with the EXPLOSION of interest in powder riding, any region that offers deep powder will be inundated, and the accidents will have to follow. 


A high number of boarders and newbies will push up the number of incidents, tree wells and getting lost, as will the overall increase in powder skiers. new gear gets you out there with apparent ease, then there is still so much more to do and know.



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I agree with davluri.  Over the past few years we've seen an increase in fatal accidents at Mt. Baker, both inbounds and out of bounds.  If you put more people out into uncontrolled or dangerous situations then you will get more fatalities.  Now that people are going places that nobody would have dreamed of going 30 years ago, the inevitable happens.  It's still a damned shame, even though.

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You have a lot of  heavy powder up there. We have it also; I think that it is more dangerous, harder to get out of, the sluffs push you much harder down the hill when you are trying to turn.


People used to mostly, almost exclusively, go to Utah or Colorado to ski powder (where it has always been mostly light blower), a little easier to dig yourself out of, and the areas must have worked out some of the safety issues in the structure of their resort.


And people ought to have what we used to call: a healthy fear; that concept is gone in this day and age.


and people see the frenzy in the lift lines on powder day and want some; it's not for everyone, really.

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