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stokli rotor

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I've  been skiing on fisher progressor 8+ and just tried stokli rotor 76. Nice ski not too demanding and skis most conditions including some powder. Anyone have any experience with them or know where to find? Probably would like to sell my progressors ,{used 5 times} and get some Stolklis

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I owned an earlier iteration of these, different graphics, very similar ski. Should fit your bill, nice all around, very smooth, wonderful in bumps, not especially demanding. Decent in mild powder (kinda narrow for real pow), can carve decently. Only con is that compared to some other Stocklis, not as planted at speed, nor as rock steady carving ice. More of a moderate pace ski aimed at playing with natural features.


But before you sell your Progressors and spend $$ again, might be smart to figure out why you don't like them. They're well-regarded skis, also not very demanding, better carvers than the Stocklis, different feel obviously. 

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Is it that you don't like the Progressors, or you just want a new set of skis?  Many of us here have the "want a new ski" problemsmile.gif


I owned the 8+ and liked them a lot.  They don't seem to be all that different in use or capability.  8+ is a great carver and is also very forgiving and pretty good in moguls.  76 in the waist vs. 72 isn't going to give you much more float in the soft stuff.


Ski the Progressors more before you take a loss selling them and pay more for a new set of skis.



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I sort of thought that the stoklis were going to be ok for the hardpack here on the east coast and since I ski mostly out west and in Europe each year maybe the two skis would be redundent. I ski line prophets for powder so I thought these two skis would cover my needs. I may be suffering from the New Ski Problem !!  The Progressors are great but I think I will sell them

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