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K2 Mach S

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Has anyone heard or skied these skis yet??? I am very interested in knowing how they ski. I understand that they are K2's new shortty ski with mod technology. whatever, they are being hyped up the ass lately and i want some solid tester talk. Can anyone help me out?
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I have some promotional material that I picked up a couple days ago. It's their new "advanced/expert" shorty. I looked at them today while boot shopping with family. They are pretty sleek looking, more refined appearance of the "mod", no piezo vibration dampeners. It looks narrower in the waist than the ModX and is supposed to be very quick and agile. I am looking forward to demoing a pair later this season.

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I finally got a hold of the K2 Mach S on the last day at Stowe. I think this is the slalom ski I was looking for. It's extremely quick in the fall-line and I can mix it up with long, fast carves without difficulty. This is a very fun ski!

I'm 6'1", 230lbs, and I ski everything, usually on my 195cm X-Scream Series. I was looking for something quick with a lot of pop that I could have fun on hard snow with at lower speeds.

I tried the Dynastar Autodrive Cross and the Carve, which were good and fun, but not quite what I wanted. I tried the Salomon 2V (the race version), which had tons of "pop" and short-turn quickness, but a strange sweet spot and the fall-line wasn't an option.

I figured the slalom skis would do me better, so I tried the K2 Mach S. While it didn't have the energy of the 2V, it was amazingly nimble in the fall-line, compared to all the others. It was extremely stable fast, long turns, but I didn't try pointing them straight down -- that wasn't the kind of ski I was looking for.
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K2 Mach S
18mm Sidecut
16m Radius @ 174cm
TNC Construction (two sheets of Ti)

That is the basic info out of the brochure....
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I tried this ski about half a day this season. 174cm version. 5'11 190lbs.
Very nice ski, quick edge to edge, smooth, somewhat damp. At 174 would be a good all around ski for hard pack conditions. For racing slalom it's probably too long. Since this was the first short slalom I had tried at the time it's hard to compare it to anything. You really should try it though you certainly can't go "wrong" with it.
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argus--does your brochure say anything about the plain Mach? I've heard it's the same as the Mach S but w/o the twin metal layers. sounds better for us laid back types.

Wonder how the Mach compares to the Rossi Viper.
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The Mach is a different shape and construction. It is 100/63/89. It has the torsion box construction similar to the Axis X . I haven't skied it but I suspect that it will be a fine bump ski. Does anyone have a personal report on this?

I did ski the Mach S on packed powder last February. I was at the WWSRA show in Sun Valley so I was able to compare it to many other new skis. Now I'm not in bed with K2 and I have to say that IMHO, prior to the Mod X, K2 had not had a successful ski since the K2 4 was released. (Well, I did have an affair with the Morrison, but that doesn’t make it a successful ski from a dealer’s point of view). Anyway, I’m spacing a bit so I’ll get right down to what I started to say.

The Mach S is going to make a lot of people very happy. Like I said above, I skied it in it’s element and it was superb! I’m about 175-180 and was on the 174. It showed exceptional precision, as it’s edgehold blended superbly with it’s predictability. No surprises. Big sweet spot. Short radius turns were dependably crisp. Very quick, solid, predictable, huge G-forces. Strangely, long radius turns were just fine, too. No twitchy weirdness. No discomfort from geometry forced to perform feats not in their performance envelope. Going straight? I never do that anymore so I can’t comment. I enjoyed them in bumps, though there are no doubt better tools. I would love to see if they would function in the PNW off-piste.

Short Slaloms have not been my favorite skis. I don’t dislike them, it’s just that they don’t match the way I ski. These? I could see having a pair for everyday. Overall, I highly recommend the Mach S. As a dealer on this forum I’m sometimes conflicted. I try very hard not to pimp next year’s stuff while I am still selling this year’s. So sometimes I keep my mouth shut when I really want to tell the world. I’ve been wanting to let this out for a while now and since I’m sold out I want you all to know……….The Mach S ROCKS!

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I agree that K2 really belted one this year with their line up. The modx,gt6 patriot,and mach s are all excellent skis. Don't understand why they're changing the name of the modx for next year. Seems pretty dumb since people just got used to it. Hello, Xscream?

I really want to try Rossi's gs ski for next year. I know someone who's been skiing that in a 174 and loves it.<FONT size="1">

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