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ski rentals in Utah

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Hi, I'm looking for beta on renting demo-quality skis in the Salt Lake City area in March.  I'm there for five days and thinking of dropping into different areas -- Canyons, Solitude, Snowbasin for sure. 

I'm thinking the best plan is to rent in SLC so as to avoid the daily hassle at each different area.  I'd like to try out several different skis, but it seems it would be easier to aim for sticking with only 1 or 2 models (maybe change once).  I'm willing to give up the ability to change skis mid-day like you could on-mountain if I can find a place that has some fairly high level demos.

Any recommendations for shops?  Price is an issue, but most of all I'd like to try some good skis.  And, like I said, I'm doing both north and south, so I guess I could start anywhere, but I'd prefer to find a place that's mostly central.


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I'm interested in reading any replies to this also. so far Canyon sports on Fort Union looks OK-ish, although the big savings come if you pre-pay and print out a docket... tourists often lack printers!


I have my old green K2 Phat Luvs up in Park City and will probably go and grab them, but demos are alluring.

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I have rented twice in SLC, once at the Lifthouse and once at Ski N See.  I preferred Lifthouse.  It's location is pretty convenient to Alta/Bird, it's near the entrance to the canyon road.  Ski N See was more expensive and they had a very limited demo ski selection in my size (~170-175).

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First figure out where you are staying, then go from there. In general I have found that the cost for an on mountain demo ski only is not that different from an off mountain rental and then you get to apply it to the cost of a ski should you choose to. In march you may be able to gt a good deal on a demo ski.


That said, Canyon sports is fine too, thought they used to offer better discount coupons that did not require online reservations. Just make sure they actually have the skis you are interested in.

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Try these guys below:


Some of them on on this site and most on TGR.  Good guys... and really good skis.

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Second the recommendation

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