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Fischer Progressor 10+

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Am looking at a pair of high performance carver, for getting into some recreational racing and making tighter turns on-piste.  I currently own a set of  170 cm Volkl AC 40 that makes great GS turns at 15+ m radius with an 83mm waist, so am looking for something smaller and  more nimble for running some gates and "gentle bumps" off piste.


The  new Fischer Progressor 10+ looks interesting, but very similar to the Progressor 8+ with an adjustable binding. Is the extra $ worth the new adjustable binding??


Another set would be the one the Head iShape carvers.


Any input, especially if you have skied  the new10+ would be greatly appreciated!!

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The Fischer WC SC is a good ski for that (the SL can only be better).

Head WC i SL got rave reviews, should be good too.

Kästle RX12 is very tempting, so is

Rossi Radical WC SL FIS....


Progressor 10+?  I haven't skied it, but I can't see it being better than any of the above for killing it where short hard turns are the order of the day.

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Try to get a demo on some Nordica Doberman Spitfires Pro EDT's.  72 under foot and quite the speed demon.  I tried them but found they were a little too short for me at the speed they generate--I like speed, but 178 at 6'3" and 230 lbs can get kind of scary.  However, they have *many* awards and the Ski demo place said a lot of junior racers are using them.  Seems like a great choice for a recreational race ski.  

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