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New Ski Advice

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Hi All

New here and after a bit of advice please from the wise


I’m in the market for a new pair of skis, I live in the UK but really now only ski in Colorado (generally Streamboat and after skiing there why would you want to go back to Europe). I’ve been skiing about 7 years (10 days a year so 70 days total), I’m OK on red, blues, blacks sometimes a bit skiddy on the really steep stuff when I’m tired but not bad the rest of the time, don’t do bumps (20 years of Rugby on the knees put paid to that) or trees (again asking for trouble, rugby training taught you to go through things rather than round them but this doesn’t seem to work with trees). I normally stick to the groomed stuff but where i struggle is if there is a large snow dump over night and when things get chopped up, at this stage I’m putting down the struggle to my current skis (Atomic Metron 7 circa 2007, which i bought as my first skis for the ice slopes of Europe) and not that the fact i’m a bit bit rubbish (which is a distinct possibility). I’m currently looking at Dynastar Sultan 80 178cm or Atomic Crimson (not Ti) 183cm as a replacment, both of which i can get on a bit of a deal. I’m 6ft 4 and 110KG (or 17.5 stone), pretty fit and fairly stupid. I’m welcome peoples thoughts (about the skis not the stupidity)



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Rather than spend money on new skis, which may or may not help, spend the money on properly fitting boots from a boot fitter, not from a store or shop.  There is at least one fitter in the UK and several excellent ones in Colorado  If your boots do not fit properly you can't control your skis and will have trouble, especially when the conditions get a bit dicey.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis and check the list of boot  fitters for one near you.  Properly fitting boots are way more important than skis.


And welcome to Epic Ski.

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