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The NEW must-have goggles

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Have you read about the innovations in ski goggles that were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week?


See the camera?


How about the Recon-Zeal Transcend Ski Goggles: 




Would you like to have a visible dashboard while you ski? I used to think skiing with tunes was an abomination, now I have a helmet with build-in audio that has added volumes (sorry) to my experience. 

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Of the two, I find more intriguing the second one...

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The camera goggles look huuuuge!


What's the weight on that? haha


I think a few people here have already reviewed the second pair, from Zeal.

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more stuff to distract people who should be paying attention.

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I'm sorry, what?

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I'm waiting for the Android network model.rolleyes.gif

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Heads-up display in a Vette is more practical.

I talk to my friends on the lift.

Camera gogles? Why?

Fly Eagles, Fly!!!!

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There's a catalog here with sunglasses that have a camera in them.  Much lighter, I'd think than those goggles.  I'll see if I can find a link. 




They also have them with interchangeable lenses.






Hmmm,, this might be an issue:  "Working temperature of 23°F to 104°F"

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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

How about the Recon-Zeal Transcend Ski Goggles: 




Would you like to have a visible dashboard while you ski? I used to think skiing with tunes was an abomination, now I have a helmet with build-in audio that has added volumes (sorry) to my experience. 

Not much in terms of new. These have been in the pipe for a while. I had a thread about these gogggles as well as another gadget that would measure the speed of your skiing and other stuff. See the thread for links to the article from Popular Science.

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They won't allow those at Alta since it is a "skiers" mountain.  roflmao.gif

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Originally Posted by loco13 View Post

more stuff to distract people who should be paying attention.

 There was a diving mask introduced not long ago that reminds me of this. Seems the military had one (a better version) and a company thought it would catch on....I wonder if buyers will be maindated to change the batteries in the middle of a black diamond run?....What's next the integrated I Phone option.

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Heads-up dive masks for $$$, he-he electronics and water don't mix very well. Not a fan of wireless dive computers either, tho they seem to be catching on for some reason.


If I stop to take a ski pic I'll use a fine 10mb or higher Digicam.....make it count!


What's next? Electronic spearguns?

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I was at CES and checked out these goggles at the Recon booth.  The ones they displayed looked a lot different than the Zeal version in your top photo, more like the second photo. They're still pretty huge, but the weight was pretty good. I included these goggles on my Cool Gear from CES 2011 on GearGuide.  The guys in the booth said they've got partnerships going with a bunch of goggle manufacturers so it'll be interesting to see what other versions hit the market.

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GearGuide, nice link, I'll check out your site.

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Wow if you go on their website (for the second one) it shows some demo videos.  It looks really distracting, especially this one video with a person skiing trees.  Overall I think they might be a cool thing to have on the chair lift or to show off to friends about how fast you've been going, but I don't think I'd want to ski with them in because of the distraction.  I think the other ones with the video camera might be cool to have though!

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I have the Zeal Transcend goggles and just tested them out for the first time last week in Aspen/Snowmass.  The display is not distracting at all.  The screen is below your line of sight, but when you hit a new top speed it blinks with the speed.  If you feel comfortable with the situation and speed, you can look down to see what it is.  If you need to just pay attention to your situation, you can wait until after skiing when you plug the goggles into your computer.


When you download the day's skiing data, the software overlays the runs you have skied over aerial photos of the mountain (it uses GPS location history, and Google maps) and then "plays" your skiing history for the day including your speed, the altitude, the temperature and amount of vertical drop as it imposes a colored line over the aerial photos.  It plays like a music player, where you can watch real-time, speed it up or slow it down.  I didn't originally expect to download the data and review it at the end of the day, but it is really cool to do so.


I bought some Zeal Eclipse polychromatic goggles last year, and the goggle lenses work really well.  I used to always carry a dark lensed goggle and also a low-light goggle on days when snow was expected.  I researched polychromatic lense goggles extensively to avoid this situation, and ultimately purchased both the Zeal and the Julbo products.  I tested them both all last year and while the Julbo has a wider range of light transmission percentages, the Zeals were clear winners betwen the two.  The Zeals allowed me to just keep the one goggle with me each day and not worry about the weather.


The only downside to the Zeals is the price!    

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Audio adds a nice ambiance to skiing. The rhythm in powder-bumps is great. But it does introduce another risk to an already risky sport. Heads up displays introduce another risk. In my case the information shown here is not useful enough to justfiy the risk or expense. I think HUD is better suited for important real-time information.


I am befuddled by the increasing interest in the first person view cameras. I spent a few days with one. There were a couple of fun clips but it took a riduculous amount of time to find them. Most of the footage was garbage.


I do have an idea for a training device that uses goggles. I would like a small video dislpay in the googles that displays a feed from a camera pointed at the skier. I do not think real-time would work but if an athlete made ten turns and then stopped to see the footage, make a change, ten more turns, stop and watch, make change, ten more turns, and repeat I do believe the improvement cycle would be accellerated.

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Wow.  They look like what results when those huge sunglasses that are for some reason popular with some women, and a prop out of the Tron: Legacy movie, fall in love and have a baby...  I'm usually not concerned with fashion, but I can't say I would go out on the slopes wearing big old bug-eyes, especially in bright white to make it REALLY REALLY obvious that I'm wearing probably the most ridiculous-looking goggles on the mountain.


Seems like it'd be distracting to me, too.  Not sure if I can multitask well enough to watch where I'm going AND check out my stats.

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Our handheld GPS that we use for Hiking gives us the same info. We have to wait for the end of the run, it's safer and you have the anticipation of seeing your top speed.

2 AA batteries and it last all day.

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