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GoPro HD on the top of the ski pole

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great video,  Some interesting camera angles.  The gopro hd is a whole lot sharper than my gopro wide angle standard def.  I might have to upgrade.  

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Nice family vid. And great music choice. Fit the mood perfectly.

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Great video!!


The Guess Who! Great tune and group!


Enjoy this magical time with your daughter while you can as it is obvious you are doing! Back up these flicks!!


I'm not sure what controls you might have but most cameras assume a 15% gray concept. So they think the snow is grey. To compensate for this you can overexpose 1 or 2 stops.


Tip - Almost every camera has an exposure compensation dial designed to be used in just these circumstances. All you need to do, when you go skiing, is turn the dial up to +1, or even +2 if it is a sunny day and your pictures will be 'over exposed' by normal standards, but should be just what you want.



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Does the GoPro have some sort of internal stabilization? I am impressed with how steady these shots are. Especially if they are from the end of a ski pole.  My old videotape seemed to bounce all over.  Anybody have any insights on this observation.


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I almost vomited on one of those shots where he put the camera under the chair. Dizzy! Nice video thou, nicely put together.

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Cool video! How did you mount it to your pole?

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Nice vid, I'm on the cusp of buying one. 960 HD vs 1080 HD.

Anyone know where I can rent one in UT....Snowbasin or The Canyons?

Cool thing is my 4GB SD card works in these.

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You are a good videographer and editor.  That was a lot of fun to watch.

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Very nice steady shots - and the pole mount gives you lots of options for interesting angles.

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OK, I pulled the trigger, should be here on friday. The boyz are heading to UT on the 25th, so I should have time to work out the wrinkles.

Harry, how 'bout a pic of your pole mount set-up? I'm guessing it doesn't take an engineer to work it out, but...........roflmao.gif

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Interesting camera work, and I like the idea of the pole mount.

But....was I the only one who found the choice of music a little pervy for a vid about skiing with your daughter?


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I do not like the first person videos everyone is taking but the editing is great and makes up for that.

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Interesting, inspired me to look more into it, found this in the process, gotta admit put a smile on my face:



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