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I am looking to make my first ski purchase.  I have been skiing leisurely for about 15 years.  I am 30 yrs old, 6'3", 190lbs.  I consider myself an advancing intermediate skier.


I am looking for a ski that will give me great all-mountain capability.  The goal is flexible and fun.  I live in the Northeast and would like to take some trips out West and ski the powder.  I like to get some speed but I am not a racer.  I would like to have some playfulness in my setup but don't plan to do big aerials. 


After some research, I am focused on two skis.  The Volkyl Bridge and Kendo.  I really like the dual tips the Bridge offers.  I am trying to get an idea how much better the Kendo handles on groomers.  I will be skiing those most of the time in the NY, Vermont, PA regions.  Has anyone skied both who can compare/contrast?   Any shop folks who can give me some insight?  Does the cambering work to give you a nice carve?