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Wide and Flat

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You have probably heard this a million times, "my feet are flat and wide and hurt when I ski". Well, that is me, for the first 15 years I endured the pain, then it got so bad that I stopped skiing for a couple of years and then found the right boots (Tecnica) which I have had for about 15 years now and they are really at the end of their lives. The shell is fine, but the liners are totally worn out and I spend most of the day trying to adjust. I'm a strong and confident advanced skier who will ski almost any terrain.


I think I found the proper new boots for my foot. The Tecnica Phoenix 110 HVL seem to fit great right out of the box, the width and the High Volume Last seems to make a big difference. In your opinion what do you think of this boot? Any reviews, comments on quality of materials, finish etc. I know everyone has a different foot with associated issues, but I just though I would throw this out there and see if anyone had and experience with this boot.





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great boot if it fits you...

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