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Skis for Revelstoke

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Hi All,


I'm heading to Revelstoke in mid March and don't know if I should take my skis (Atomic Nomad Crimson) or rent. My skis are fine for out here in New England but I'm not a strong powder skier and don't know if mine will make me miserable out west? Will I be happier renting a fattie at the resort? I appreciate your feedback.


Thank you.

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I find all mountain skis just fine on powder days.  It's certainly easier, particularly when making shorter radius turns, to use big pontoons, but I find it enjoyable to sink down into the snow a little ways.  And even at a place like Revelstoke, you will do more skiing on packed powder, which your skis should do better than larger ones would.  Plus, you're used to your own skis.  Now if you get 2 feet of snow and find yourself miserable, renting a pair might be a good idea.  But I certainly wouldn't spend the extra money when your skis will be just as good, if not better, most days.

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Rent. You are going all that way and spending all that money why not make the most of the experience?Looks like an awsome season with a good chance you will have powder. Besides flying with skis is a hassle and expensive.

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A lot of your skiing at Revelstoke is going to be on variable snow and you will be happier on a fatter ski.


Personally, I've been skiing on the S3 and I am really liking it. Not the best on hardpack, but in the variable snow and powder, it rips.

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I just got back from Revelstoke on March 19th and I brought my Atomic Nomad Crimson skis... we had snow fall for 6 out of 7 days for a total of almost 30 inches, this place is just amazing! The Crimson were OK if you know how to ski powder, but I did rent pow boards two day and had a blast. Bib, Steep, and Deep, you have to go there to believe what you are hearing about this place, I found it better than France or Chile in every aspect (except for sunshine), if you want sunshine don't go here. And it is really not a resort for the novice, upper intermediates and up will just love it. I don't want to write a resort report here, but after skiing on fat pow boards, I'm going to buy a pair rockered pow skis for those once in a while New England powder dump days, they made all the difference.


Revie is the Aces

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