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10 Year old Back Flipping

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<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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Guess we all just got showed up by a 10 year old.

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Awesome Vid!  Congratulations to the athlete and his coaches.

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Its all safe he was wearing a helmet.  rolleyes.gif


Just wanted to say, not my grandson. 


Many ski areas don't even allow inverts.  A 10 year old doing an invert? 


Why not wait until he is older when his body is better able to protect against c-spine damage?

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It actually easier for kids to do that sort of thing.  Lower center of gravity, shorter for a quicker rotation, less force on the landing and super short ski's.  To be a kid again....

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That was extremely excellent. 

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Spine injury can happen at any age if the skier shows that he is trained and has the proper technique than the skier no matter the age should be able to do it. The boy did not just go out and start to huck the trick he started on the tramp, went to water than to snow.


It is a progression and done under controlled conditions. Yes there is risk.

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I thought he looked pretty confident and competent to do the flip.

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Pretty confident skiing for a 10 year old... wow.. the guy should grow into an extremely accomplished freestyle skier. Congratulations to him, his coaches, and his parents.  

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NICE.....he was wearin' the earbuds even as he was being awarded his medal!


How's he gonna do it when his ipod is out of battery?

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