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intuition Liners

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My wife has a pair of two or three year old Dalbello Kryptons. She has a problem with cold feet.  We have the Hotronics, the bootgloves, etc., but she still gets cold at times.  Additionally, she is getting some pain this year in one of the boots, although not all the time.  The boots have about 120 days of use so far. 


I was looking at the Intuition Godiva liners as a birthday present for her.  It sounds like it may be an upgrade and would add some warmth.  Is this just good marketing or a worthwhile change for someone who skis 50plus day per year?





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Personally, before I'd go spending $150 or whatever on liners, I'd try and figure out what is causing this.  Some people have a health problem (I forget what the name of it is) that causes problems with cold feet and hands.  After eliminating that, I'd be looking to decide if the boot is so packed out she is over-tightening all the buckles to compensate and cutting off her circulation.  She maybe should try while she is on the chair just unbuckling one buckle per ride to figure out which one is causing the issue and that might help you narrow down what is causing the problem.  The "cheapskate solution" might be to just add a thin insole under her footbed and see if she can get away with not tightening so much.  Maybe the boot was just too darn big to begin with.  In which case, new liners will only be a temporary fix. 

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I have Kryptons and went from the stock liners (with a tongue) to the Power Wrap Intuition Liners made for Dalebello and use in the Kryptons. They are more comfortable and warmer, but they added substantial stiffness to the boots and also completely changed the way they flex, which makes them feel shorter and stiffer (despite switching to the softer gray tongue).  IMO they pretty much ruined the best feature of the Kryptons.  If your wife likes her boots and wants to go to Intuition liners, I suggest a model with a tongue, as opposed to the Power Wrap model.

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I recently picked up a pair of Intuition "performance liners" from Level Nine Sports.  They are not as stiff as the stock powerwraps that came with my Kryptons.  They are also now selling for $69.00 if they have her size.  Pretty cheap experiment for what most of us pay for skiing.

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I recently went with a pair of intuition power wrap liners.  The liners in my Technica Diablo Race boots had become too packed out and I still like the shell.  After enduring the torture of getting the liners to fit correctly (it felt like a chinese foot binding) I am very happy.  They are comfortable and much warmer than my original liners.  I ski at Sugarloaf in Maine.  It can be a very cold and windy and I have had frostbite in my big toes.  The Intuition liners are very warm.  I have not needed to use my hottronics as much as in the past and my toes aren't getting cold.  I did have to add a softer after market tongue with the liners because the liner wrap is lower and stiffer and was destroying my shins.  Overall I am happy with the liners.  They are warmer, more comfortable and they have kept my boots responsive.

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I have the power wrap in a pair of Technica Agent 110. I don't feel they made the boot significantly stiffer. More like just right. My toes are noticeably warmer. The stock Technica neoprene toe box made my toes freeze.

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The problem is more specific to thee-piece shell boots, like the Krypton.  When the liners are heated the standard practice is to stand on an incline or elevate the toes and lean into them while they are cooling.  The gap of  1-2" in the front of the shells allows the Power Wraps liners to push out and create a ridge that can significantly stiffen the flex of the boot.  This is not a problem if you have tongue model Intuition liners, or if you take special precautions with the Power Wraps when heat molding. You need to cover the shell gap with a piece of curved plastic to prevent the ridge from forming on the liner.


Even without the ridge issue, I think the Intuition Gold Power Wraps stiffened my Kryptons quite a bit, but I have heard the Silver model does it to a lesser extent, but they are not as warm.

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Make sure that when heat molding you have toe caps on your wife's feet. If they are too tight at the toes they will be cold no matter what.

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