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Weird Boot problem...

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I have a pair of ski boots that cause my legs to go numb and start shaking, what is causing this? I am going to get my feet fitted and get new boots, but I don't want this problem to comeback. I bought these boots two years ago and broke my leg the day I got them. I didn't use them till last year when I got this problem. At first I thought it was related to my broken leg, but the doc said it is the boots. I got the boots blown-out and got new liners, but continued to have the problem. Any ideas what causes this? If I push through the numb shaky leg at the end of the day I can't feel my little toe or "ring-finger" toe... scary.

The boots I have are Atomic Tweak boots I purchased used... probably about a 2005 model.


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You have an unusual situation going on, a full evaluation by a professional bootfitter would probably be a wise move on your part.  Note: a professional bootfitter is different from a person who sells ski boots.


Most ski boot problems create pain in the feet, not in the legs.  Have you been on a regular exercise schedule for strengthening your leg mussels since your accident? 

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Thanks for the advice. I found a ski shop with certified ABB bootfitters, Viking Ski Shop in Chicago. My whole legs and feet were weird, took about 2-3 hours of tweaking and molding. I thought there prices for base boots/skis to be fairly competitive. The staff was friendly and stayed an hour after closing to finish the boot.
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