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Best park/all mountain ski... too many options!

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I was looking for help picking a new pair of skis. I'm an advanced skier, I used to compete (racing) until a couple years ago when I switched over to park. I'm 19... prolly started doing park at about 14/15. I don't compete park at all, but I'm pretty good... I can do rails, backflips, 180s, etc. I don't have a ton of money so I try and get good equipment and keep it for a while, one ski quiver ;) 

So I'm trying to pick a new ski and it's bloody difficult. I was using Line 1260's (the orange coloured ones) until I got a fracture in them this year. I was looking for something with about 95 waist (minimum 90, max 100) that is mainly a park ski but will still perform well in pow and off piste. I ski mainly at local hills with man-made snow, but I also have a history of running off to switzerland, colorado, utah, etc.

I am 5'10" 176lbs... what would you advise?

I am currently thinking mainly the Line Chronic Cryptonites, but also the: Line Blend, Volkl Gotama, and Volkl Wall, any others?



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The 2010 line anthem is an excellent ski 93 mm waist and is a symetrical ski, all you would have to do to turn these into an all mountain/ semi deep powder ski would be to mount them a couple inches off of a true center mount. My friend rides these and kills it in the park he loves them!!! 

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Has anyone tried out the 2010 Line Chronic Cryptonite?

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Can't speak for Park, but All-Mountain, I love my Cryptonites.  Soft head, harder tail makes them shoot through bumps, easy to work in the trees. I've been surprised at the stability at decent speed, too. I'm on 173s, weigh 175, ski off/on piste in New Mexico.  Top's get messed up like everyone says, but I'm only interested in how the boards ski. These are VERY responsive, quick edge to edge, but carve sweet on the steep.

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I wouldn't want to rock a Gotama in the park, but my friend has the Wall and he loves them for park. I also used to own a pair of Public Enemies and I liked those for all mountain and they were not bad at all in the park (not great for jibbing though). 


The fallacy in skiing is there no ski exists that can be a jack of all trades and outperform specialized skis designed for a specific purpose. You can make some good compromises, however. For instance for light swing weight and a good park ski you might have to sacrifice stiffness in the ski, which will lessen the carving performance of the ski. Alternatively you could get a stiffer ski, but then you would not be able to do butters or stick soft landings/jibs on the tips/tails of the skis.


If you could give me an idea of what sort of compromises you're willing to make (i.e you ski park more than piste, or 50/50 etc.) then I can give you a lot more specific idea of a ski to suit you.

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I have been pretty happy with my Icelantic Pilgrims.  It is a twin tip with a 90mm waist.  I am too old to abuse myself (and my equipment) in the park but as an all mountain ski its been a lot of fun.  They also offer a symetric park ski, the Da'Nollie.  I haven't tried it but if its anything like the other Icelantics I own I am sure its a top notch set of skis.

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I'm also a fan of Icelantic.  I have a pair of Shamans and just love them.  They are the most fun ski I've ever owned.  I'm 5'8", got the 161s and they are just great in powder, trees, crud, bumps and the groomers.  I even use them for teaching.  A friend has a pair of Pilgrims and he loves them.

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