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Loose Raptors !

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So I love the Head Raptors LTD.  I can cant them I  can adjust the flex etc. Just as importnat I like the rom in the toe box. What I don't like  is that the heel feels too loose for my taste, at least on my right leg. So what do I do? Looking at the Raptor 130 and 150 the last is about 4mm less. Is that going to make that much of a difference, 4mm?  Will any type of customizing help and if so what kind?

Thank you all.

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impossible to say without seeing your foot, the RD last is 3mm narrower so may make a difference, but it may be too tight in other places (again impossible to say without seeing the foot)


you could try something like a zip fit liner, this takes up a bit of volume around the back of the boot and may solve your problem, the liner in the raptor is pretty thin so will not give much fill in that area

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Thnk you

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So I checked out a few custom liners and your suggestion of ZipFit certainly seems a great place to start. Would you happen to be familiar at all with the thickness of their liners. I need something thicker that the current Raptor LTD liners but I am not sure that I need them to be a lot thicker.
Do you recommend getting maybe the Classic and then removing material - ZipFit says that can be done with one's fingers - or getting a thinner one and then adding material ( and having to purchase the injection kit)?


Thank you

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if the shell fit is good then you should be looking at the W/C or the grand prix if you have a skinny foot, it really depends on your foot volume in the shell, i would say the classic will be way too thick, it is designed for oversized shells, i have a pretty high volume foot and ski the raptor RS130, i use the Gara (thinnest of the liners) with a small amount of cork injected into the tongue as i find the W/C pushes me a little far forward into the toe box due to the bulk of material in it

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Thanks CEM

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