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I'm a long time skier that had taken a long time off before getting back on the slopes last winter.  I'd say I'm about a level 7 skier, though I'm not sure what that really means.  I can ski just about anything except for the most difficult runs - though I would never want anyone to copy my technique.   I enjoy skiing fast and aggressive when the conditions are right, but that isn't my primary focus.  I'm 5'8" and 142 lbs.  I live in Colorado, so all my skiing will be focused in the Rockies.


I'm looking at getting some new skis either at the end of this season or in the fall when the ski deals are prevalent, so am doing some research now in order to be ready.  I want something that will be easy to ski now but that I won't outgrow in the near future since I plan on skiing a lot in the coming years (and I can't afford to trade up every couple years).


Based on my research I've narrowed my search to the Dynastar Legend Sultan 80 and the Rossignol Avenger 82 Carbon.  I considered going with something a bit wider in the 85 - 88 range, but I will be spending a lot of time skiing with my three young kids and want something that will be quicker and easier turning at slower speeds.  Given how much time I'll be spending with my kids as they learn and progress I'm probably looking at 75% groomer and 25% trees/bumps/etc - at least for the next several years.  I'd prefer not to go narrower, since when I'm skiing on my own I'll be spending as much time as possible off the groomers.


I'm not sure what length I should be looking at with these skis.  My last skis were a pair of Volant Super Karve in 170cm.  Given how narrow those are compared to the newer skis I would think I'd want something less than 170cm.  The Sultans come in a 165, which sounds about right for my size, however the Avenger has a 162 (next size is 170).  For some reason 162 seems awful short (just below my nose).  Thoughts?


(BTW, I realize the best thing would be to demo the skis, but I'm not confident that will happen.)