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I am not affiliated with Pinecrest NSP, but I am taking this class and think others should know about this too.




AV1 Class: January 22-23rd 2011, Pinecrest, CA (second weekend will be January 30th 2011 at China Peak, (Sierra Summit)
cost: $120 for non-member

This course teaches students how terrain, weather, and snowpack contribute to avalanche hazards. This knowledge is used during decision-making exercises in the classroom and in the field session. Students also become acquainted with human factors, which skew effective decision making. The course covers movement through avalanche terrain, route selection/hazard identification, and stability assessments in the field environment. Also focuses heavily on the fundamentals of self, group, and organized rescue. Students complete a written exam and practical evaluation during field exercises. Upon course completion, students are qualified to participate in organized rescue operations.

This class will satisfy the Far West Division Nordic requirement for Avalanche as well as provide one elective credit for patrollers seeking advancement towards Senior.

The course Syllabus, Agenda, Logistics and Equipment link can be downloaded here.

Contact Keith Gail ( if you have any questions.


The Avalanche 1 course is open to all NSP members, approved affiliate organizations and interested members of the public (Contact course coordinator for details). People not part of the NSP or an affiliate should contact the course coordinator before registering.

Winter/Avalanche training comes with significant personal bodily risk as a direct result of the environment or prescribed lesson activities. As a member of an associate agency, or as an associate member of the NSP, you assume all personal liability issues as a result of class registration and participation, and all participants in NSP classes are required to sign a release of liability holding the NSP and the Instructors of the course non-liable.