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Intuition liner

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My wife has a pair of two or three year old Dalbello Kryptons. She has a problem with cold feet.  We have the Hotronics, the bootgloves, etc., but she still gets cold at times.  Additionally, she is getting some pain this year in one of the boots, although not all the time.  The boots have about 120 days of use so far. 


I was looking at the Intuition Godiva liners as a birthday present for her.  It sounds like it may be an upgrade and would add some warmth.  Is this just good marketing or a worthwhile change for someone who skis 50plus day per year?





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Intuition (thermoflex) liners can add warmth to a boot, assuming they are fitted/molded properly. 


However, it seems strange that with boot heaters and boot glove that her feet are still cold.  Did the boot heaters and boot glove improve the issue?  Are you skiing in a very cold climate?  You did not mention any fitting issues but I wonder if she has a pressure point that could be cutting off circulation to her feet?


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