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Is this a good pair?

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For a beginner Freestyle skier I am 5'11" and 125 Pounds.


Salomon Suspect Ski

baron binding

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I was hoping  for boobies.

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What are they?  What length are you looking at?

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Originally Posted by MikeC View Post

What are they?  What length are you looking at?

I am looking at the shortest possible due to my lack of skill. The 161cm.



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Can I get some more info? duel.gif

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Ok, your post kind of lacks info. I used the url from the picture to figure out they are these skis



I can't help you a lot with the question, besides the fact a fast google search showed they have durabilty issues but I do know that you need to flesh your request out more.


You are a beginner, a beginner in park or a total beginner?

What is your ski level?

Where do you ski?

Will you be skiing in only the park, or do you intend to groomers/trees/bumps/whatever too.

How did you pick those skis, what aspect stood out to you?

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