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LINE PROPHET 100's -- 172 vs 179. Mounting

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I'm a 40-yr old east coast skier that makes it out to Utah/west 2-3 times each year.  5'10", 155 lbs.  Comfortably consider myself advanced, but not expert -- but working to get to that level at some point...


Most of the time (as much as possible) in Utah is spent off the groomers -- pow whenever available, crud, some trees every now and then, a few bumps here and there.  Was looking for a fatter ski to get max enjoyment while out west, while still being effective back east for more casual/groomer/ice skiing.  Have heard nothing but good things about the Prophet 100's, they seem to cover everything I'm looking for and I'm probably going to dive in at a good price w/ Marker Griffon 110's.


Everything I've seen suggests 179 -- helps with float, perhaps better speed/grip on groomers, twin tips ski shorter anyways, etc.  Also leaves room to grow into them as I (hopefully) continue to improve.


BUT, as noted I'm not "expert" level and still want to maintain sense of good control when carving shorter turns on the groomers, bumps, trees, etc.  Generally I'm willing to ski anywhere on the mountain, but still ski with a tiny bit of a fear factor if I'm being honest...


Based on all of this, 172 or 179?  Also, any recommendations on where to mount bindigs?  Standard?  I've heard standard is actually a little up front on the LP 100's...


I've been skiing Atomic Metron 9's (171) for past 5-6 years -- got by OK, but never truly enjoyed them as I felt they were too heavy/bulky.  Just felt somewhat limited in what I could do with them.


Any helpful guidance is much appreciated!

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Another way to go...




If you went this way you'd also need fatter brake arms...




The plate mounting will help you get the skis on edge, and the +-1.5cm Railflex capability is nice to have to experiment with effective mount point (or change for different conditions). Also if you buy a pair of flat skis at some point you can mount a Railflex plate and use the same bindings.





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I'm exactly the same size as you and consider myself the same level as you and I skied the 179's for 3 years and never once wished for a shorter ski.  The P-100's ski pretty short due to the twin tips and they have really tight turn radius.  I loved the ski as 1 ski quiver....not perfect for anything but great all around!    You'll love ski...


I mounted mine on the line fwiw....

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