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Problem getting my boots to fit my wide feet and causing excessive pain

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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on what to do next.  I began Skiing in Scotland in January 2010 and was quickly hooked so decided to buy some boots so I didn't have to suffer hire boots.


I went to a well known high street ski equipment store in February 2010 and was advised and bought some Salomon Impact 8CS boots as my feet are particularly wide.  Although I normally wear a size 12(UK) shoe for the width, my feet were size UK10.5 when measured and was sold a 28.5mondo boot. The shop said that the Custom shell of the Salomon boots would adequately accommodate my wide feet.  Even since the first time I wore the boots I've had excruciating pain from my feet being crushed sideways.


I've been back to the shop after each day skiing and each time they have made some modifications, assuring me that they will  be able to make them fit me.  The shop has since done the custom  molding again, with my feet padded out with extra foam, this only crushed my feet more.  They've also stretched them on four separate occasions, and cut the boot liner to allow it to expand where my feet are pressing. Today they said they would need to stretch them again!


As a result of these boots I've developed a bunion on the MCP/distal metatarsal on both little toes, and my feet are sore for several days after skiing. 


I have had custom insoles in them from the start (bought at the same time).  I always unbuckle my boots when on the lifts, wear thin racing socks (as sold to me by the same store)


Is this the usual experience I should have with new boots or should the boot fitters in the shop have been able to solve the problem by now.  I feel that I was sold the wrong boots and/or wrong size.


What should my next move be?


The store has a guarantee that if you;re boots don;t fit then they'll give you 75% back, so long as they have been worn less than 2 weeks and you've owned them less than 18 months.  Should I be asking them for my refund?


Any help is much appreciated.





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sounds like you need to find a better bootfitter.


can you leave the buckles open when skiing down as well?  (not just loose, but OPEN/OFF)


how wide is your foot?  measure it for us?


any better without any footebed?

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Thanks for your response.


The shop has my boots at the moment, so I'll try with the buckles open and without the foot beds when I get them back.


From holding a tape measure above my foot in standing it is about 116mm wide at it's widest.  Hard to guage exactly as the medial MTPJ is about 1cm forward of the lateral MTPJ so there's quite a bit of my foot that is about that wide.


I usually ski with the bottom two buckles so loose that they aren't putting any clamping on the boot at all, but so that they are just held out of the way and not flapping about.  The top two are usually fastened at the 3rd increment of the 5 possible.  The cuff feels about right so I guess that if I skied with these two buckles open I wouldn't have much control over the skis.





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mmm 116mm the impact is around 108mm out the box in the size you have, biggest problem is with the caproliene plastic if the boot is being stretched it needs to be heated properly and then left to cool fully, often there is not enough heat put into the shell to be effective in terms of stretching


it could also be that the footbed is not working as well as it should to stabilize your foot and it is this which is causing the tailors bunions to appear, also if the foot is pronating then the ankle bone may be hitting the inside of the shell and causing the foot to rotate away form the inner edge and press on the outside edge of the shell.....


have they placed you foot central in the empty shell and seen how much space there is side to side at the forefoot???


so many things that could be going on it is really impossible to tell on line

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With my bare foot in the empty shell placed centrally fore/aft my foot is touching both sides at the same time.  I realise that in this case my foot is slightly lower than it would be with inners and foot beds under it but it still seems to me that there should at least be some space at the side of my foot.


I have also had pressure areas on both my medial malioli and they placed a doughnut of foam on the outside of the liner over this point the last time I was there.  It didn't really reduce the pressure in this area when I skied in them.


I'm not sure if they are properly stretching the boots anyway because they look just the same after stretching. There are no bulges or lumps where they say they have been stretched.  Should there be?


I was at another branch of the same skiwear store this weekend and just out of interest asked them to measure my feet.  The guy there said I should have been in a 29 or 29.5.  He said there was no increase in length between the half sized, but an increase in width.  Is this the case?





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odds are the 28, once it is wider will be fine.  29 = too big, BUT WE CAN'T SEE YOUR FOOT IN THE SHELL.


.0 and .5 are the same shell, just liners or footbeds are a bit different.

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Thanks for all the advice.  I took the boots back to the shop the other day.  I've had me feet measured in a couple of other shops now and they both say I should be in a 29 at least.  Guess I'll have a look at boots again and start from scratch with a proper boot fitter.


Thanks again,



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STOP.... ignore the numbers, trust the shell check, if you measure 29 on a brannock measure then you probably need the 28 in the impact, they are huge to size and the size grading is way out when it gets to that sort of size, read the wiki again at the top of the forum and understand the shell check guidelines, why would they put you in that size then all of a sudden decide you needed a bigger boot...because it is an easy option! boot sellers seem to go with the easy option, based on all the original infomation you gave mybest guess and it is that as we can'r see your feet is that the 28.5 shell is fione, you need a really good footbed and the shell stretching.... if your foot stays wide towards the toes then the shape may not be ideal as a starting poitn as the impact does taper a bit, but again this area can be stretched with the right skills and tools


good luck getting sorted

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what CEM said.


you need a WIDER boot, not a longer boot. 

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