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Big Sky Food

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Our favorite dinner restaurant at Big Sky, The Cabin in Arrowhead Mall, got better this year with the addition of a new chef. If you liked it before I think you will love it now. This is not a snack place. It's high end for Big Sky but also has a few lower priced dishes to fit most budgets. We had the Salmon, Lamb, Tournedos and Veal. It was all good. Lunch is good too if you're into meeting friends for a sit down lunch with a group of skiers and nonskiers.

Best lunch spot at BS may be the Deli at Moonlight Basin Lodge. Portions are big. Buy a half sandwich if you're not really hungry.

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The Deli at Moonlight Basin Lodge is our favorite place for lunch, also.  While you can get to and from the Moonlight Basin Lodge with a Big Sky ticket, it is a trek which requires planning so we often don't make it over (especially if we're mainly skiing Andesite.)  If you want to keep close to the Big Sky base area the Cabin is a great place for lunch with easy access from the bottom of Silver Knife run.  

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I'll third the Moonlight Basin Deli for lunch and put in a vote for Lotus Pad for dinner.

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How about a decent grocery store?


I have a big group trip in March and while we like to go out for a nice dinner or two, we mostly cook in and pack our lunches. Last time we were in Big Sky, we picked up groceries from Albertsons outside of Bozeman but some of the food was moldy! Would like to avoid that if there is a reasonable place nearby to shop.

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