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I'm looking for some info/feedback/reviews on the Intuition FX race liner.  Searched to no avail and need to order new liners soon.  I'm in bad need for new liners... mine are torn in multiple places after over 300 days in them.  The shells are still in great shape (Tecnica Race Pro 110) and I really like them so not looking for new boots just yet.  I'm thinking these liners are what I want for replacements.  I have short wide flippers for feet but chicken legs so looking for a tongue liner that's low volume in the forefoot, instep, and heel, but high volume in the cuff with good heel lockdown.. (have a med volume heel and very skinny ankle and calf).  I'm not sure if the Powerwrap Plug would be more suited to my foot/boot, but I've never used a wrap liner so a little leary.  The standard Powerwrap will definitely be too thick, and a little unsure the Luxury liner low volume will offer enough thickness in the calf.  Any feedback... or other suggestions if you think I'm going down the wrong path with the FX Race?