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Any tips on how to teach a three year old to get up when he falls?

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My son and I took his 3 year old son out for his first day on skis yesterday and the little guy (he's small for his age) had a great time and picked things up very quickly.  After two rides up the magic carpet, he wanted to take the chair lift (which he liked) and ski down a big hill.  His dad stayed next to him or just in front and I stayed behind to make sure no one hit him (turned out to be a good idea since someone did hit me from behind hard enough to knock me down) and the little guy cruised along and had a great time (see the youtube posts for Jack skis by MaKaJaTe).  The only problem we had was that we couldn't figure out how to help him learn to get up by himself.  When he'd fall, he's legs and skis would be twisted and the skis were so heavy he couldn't untwist by himself.  Any suggestions on a good way for showing a little one how to get up when they fall?  Many thanks!

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have him roll over on his belly and push himself up.  Not a miracle, but it helps a ton.  At 3 you will still have to help him a bit


This is from the experience of someone who took a bunch of kids skiing (ages 6 ^) skiing for a lot of years in a school program.

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Let me know when you figure it out.  My son started skiing at the same age...he's now 10.  He'll still wait for me to pull him up after a fall.  If his skis come off, he gets right up, but if he's all twisted up, he just waits for help.

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Have the kid lay on his belly.  Make sure his toes point outward on both sides.  (Skis look like an X with the tips towards the outside.)  Walk his hand back and push up his butt in the air like a football player stance.  He should pop right back up.


It might take a few tries for him to learn it.  You also might have to help him get his feet in the proper position.  Once he figures it out, your back will thank you.


Last night I had a class of 15 never ever kids.  (I had two helpers, thank God.)  Once the first one fell down, I showed him this trick.  Everyone figured it out from that.  All I had to do was help a couple get their feet in the right position to do it.

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I still stand up after a fall by rolling onto my stomach, pointing my skis out in a V with the big toe edges in the snow and walking my hands back up and standing.  Learned it at my never-ever lesson and surprisingly few of my skiing buddies had seen it.


Edit:  I've had a lot of practice with this move.

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to get untwisted - roll onto your back and lift the knees up in to the air

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Kids left on their own usually figure out T-square's trick.  I've watched them repeatedly "explore stuff" and find that as their easiest way to get up.  Usually one or two demonstrations are all kids need to learn it.  They WANT to be independent if you let them.

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Its important that the kids learn to put their skis perpendicular to the slope when they try to get up. But in this particular case I dont see any problem with you guys helping him get up. The only reason you should not pick him up is when he falls on purpose just to be picked up.


However. The best thing to do is to just let the kid sort it out himself. Its kind of difficult to watch as a parrent but thats the best thing. When I ski with students and their parrents are arround they fall and cry and are really difficlut. Then when the parrents are out of site they act totally different. They stand up and they go. Anyway, you should not ski with a 3y old kid. Thats a bit too young in my opinion. I did it but Im a pro. First kid was a pain in the butt the second was a dance in the park. 4-5y is way better. They develop muscles and are much more sencable. My youngest student while working was 2years and 9months. Hyperactive. He stayed with me all winter. That I can tell you was my worst nightmare come true. He could not get up. He could not make a wege. He could not even glide on his skis. 


BTW, I liked the way you skied behind the kid protecting him. What I have notissed i that as you do this you cannot ski the same tracks because then you will not be uphill of him all the time.

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