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Return of medial malleolus pain

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Just got back from a short ski break, where my wife suffered from the recurrence of an issue she thought she had sorted some years ago. She has a slightly prominent medial malleolus, and after she bought new boots 7 years ago had real problems with pain in that area until she had the boots blown out by a bootfitter in Fernie, BC, the following year. Last year she started getting a bit of a problem again, but this time it was a show-stopper. Fortunately on the day it occurred I happened to have some duct tape and some thin foam in my bag (yes, I'm one of those people), and I was able to add some foam under the arch of her footbed (the problem was only on one foot, incidentally) with the intention of preventing her foot rolling too much to that side thus pressuring the medial malleolus against the boot wall (where there was rivet, which was part of the problem). This was effective for that day, much reducing her pain (and having one curious possible side-effect - she skied better than I've ever seen her ski before, perhaps because she was able to use her feet to control her edges better).


She's determined to get the problem properly resolved before going skiing again in a few weeks time. We're trying to get to see a bootfitter before then, but are rather pushed for time so I'm looking for ideas here just in case this is not possible. I'm wondering what might have occurred to cause the recurrence of a problem, given that she hasn't changed her boots or footbeds in that time. Given that the boots are now 7 years old, with probably 15 weeks of skiing on them, I imagine that the liner must have packed out somewhat. Could this be the issue? Also, she is still using custom footbeds she had made up probably 12 years ago. They don't look to have obviously collapsed, but I could see this perhaps being an issue.


Any things to look at, possible solutions to try, if we don't get to see the bootfitter in time?

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Congratulations on your temporary on-the-hill fix for you wife.


The liners certainly could be packing out which would cause her foot to roll to the inside and create a pressure point. Does she need new liners?  Perhaps. 


You might be able to add a varus wedge under the footbed which may not pack out like the foam you used? You will probably need to visit a bootfitting shop to purchase the proper varus wedge.  Also, it might be worth your time to consult with a bootfitter that can evaluate your situation in person.

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Agree with Stroltzy here, and glad to see you went after the cause of the problem rather than the effect.  Sounds like she needs a new footbed properly posted to support her foot.  

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Thanks guys. Yes, we're planning to get to see a boot fitter and it looks like it should be possible in time now. My suggestion would be a) new footbed, and b) something like an Intuition or ZipFit liner, but I'm no expert. I'll see what the boot fitter guy (CEM) comes up with.

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