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Top Sheet Repair

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Got a chip in the topsheet of my board near the tail end on top where the vinyl finish is. It is chipped down to the wooden core. 

How do I go about repairing this? 

The chip is at the edge as well but the edge is in tact and its not splitting. I can just see wood looking down into the chip and from the side.


I tried searching the forums and found others had issues with separation, and I don't have that issue. It is just a chip that goes down to the wood. I want to preserve what is exposed so it doesn't rot andt run into more problems. I read about the epoxy and such, but is that the correct approach?


I can get pictures if needed.

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Sounds like you should just cover it up with epoxy to me.  Otherwise, it's something I wouldn't worry about.

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Even though it has nothing to do with separation of the board from the core?


It's just a chip on the tail, all the way to the edge that is chipped down to the wood core. It's just the cool design off the top that came off.


If I can just epoxy it, would I take the epoxy and just put it over the cracked area and smooth it out and let it dry? I don't think I can clamp it because there is nothing to glue together.

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Just epoxy it so it's smooth and water can't get to the inside of the board.

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epoxy does wonders

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