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Any Copper deals?

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Will be out to Summit Co next month and would like to ski Copper a few times. Didn't get a pass this year so would like to know if there are any two for one deals etc.


Last year when I was there, Shell gas stations had a two for one pass with a fill up of  8 gallons or more.



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Check Liftopia as well, Copper has been on there this season.

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Heard on the radio last week they have a $99 Powder Pass. Pass is good anytime it snows 4" or more. What a great addition to a Vail Pass.

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Thanks everyone.


Shell usually has their deal going this time of year. I've used it before.


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If these forecasts come true regarding $5 a gallon gas on the horizon, the gas stations will have to throw in the lift tickets because we'll be too broke to buy them after filling up the car!



Our conditions were pretty good up to New Years and I made a lot of trips to the local hill (approx 120 r/t). I've got a wallet full of gas receipts I'm afraid to look at.

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We got tickets for Copper thru Liftopia for the Wed. before Christmas-worked fine. I printed out the receipt which the lady at the ticket counted seemed to appreciate.


If you know people in the area who have the local "entertainment books" I think there are coupons in those also.

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