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Dynafit binding safety

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Hi Folks,


Looking at switching from Fritschi to Dynafit this year.  I am aware for the efficiency/weight savings with Dynaft, but I am having trouble finding good evidence on the reliability of Dynafit release in falls.  I spent two years doing physio after multiple knee surgeries and I am trying to minimize re-injury.


Thanks for your time.



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a newcomer on the AT binding market : PLUM located in the French Alps just launched a whole range named GUIDE.


Look beautyful & very much safety oriented.




I have no idea where to get these in the US.

But available from Escape Route in Canada.



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I've had two outings on my Plum Guide bindings so far, and they are indeed very nice -- review should be up on WildSnow.com next week.

Some interesting changes regarding heel pin penetration depth into the boot, but otherwise I don't see how they would be any more safe (or less safe) than the various Dynafit models.

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I've also had lots of knee problems, 2 operations & years of rehab, and had the same question as you, particularly as one of the knee ops was after a (traditional alpine) ski binding didn't release in a fall.


The short answer is that I nervously made the jump to DF 4 seasons ago and haven't looked back since.


I figured that if all the guides use them here in Europe doing lots of hardcore skiing and not wanting to risk their own knees (& wage earning potential), then they were probably pretty safe bindings.


I've never had a problem with DF, whether it is prelease or not releasing, or whatever. Plus as they're so light that you are fresher in the descent, so hopefully you can ski better and avoid crashes!


I'm such a fan of DF that I'm on here to post a new thread asking opinions on their suitability for in-bounds/ side country skiing.


Good luck,



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