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Kick Wax Removal - I gotta be doing it wrong

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So last night I had the wax out and hitting all the skis that happened to be warm. I somehow managed to convince my wife to allow me to wax her Asnes (kick ass nordic ski from Norway which she worships). This was my first attempt at waxing nordic skis.  Had done skate before....


I started by doing the usual wax removal. There wasn't much glide wax on the skis (hence my desire to wax them) and pretty decent build up of kick wax.  I grabbed the kick wax scraper that she uses and set about yanking the stuff off. Total pain in the rear. I also probably ended up pushing some of the old kick wax into the rear glide area. Uh oh...


I tried the whole take a paper towel and put the iron on top of it and move it down the ski to absorb the kick wax remnants - especially the stuff that got pushed down into the rear glide area.  Not sure how well that worked... After that, I decided to go ahead and strip the ski with a cheapy red scraped warm.  That seemed to do the trick but I was a good 1.5 beers into the project at this point and seemed like there had to be a better way to do this.


After I stripped the red off, I waxed the whole ski with a CH6 blue and called it good.


Total Effort: 1 hour. 2 beers.


Is there a better way to be handling the kick wax?


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Ye olde Wax Remover is your friend: (from Grip Wax Application tip):


I've also had success JUDICIOUSLY using a heat gun and handled scraper for the first pass or so and then applying the remover for final wax removal. I believe others are not afraid to use a propane torch and fan nozzle with care.




1. Use a paintbrush to apply the Clean detergent in the gripping area;
2. Wait 2-3 minutes for the detergent to work;
3. Remove the grip wax with a sharp scraper;
4. Repeat the above steps until all the grip wax has been removed;

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Heat guns, propane torches etc. can be used, but I wouldn't recommend them, especially to someone who's not doing this too often. One thing is to damage base of skis, the other thing is to damage inside of ski (most of xc skis basically consist of paper in middle of ski, and heating this is not really great thing ;). 

So my choice is to get rid of as much wax as possible with scraping it off, and then just use liquid wax removal with paper towels. It's normal that kick wax will also spread to glide wax zones. Even if you don't do it while scraping, wax will end there during skiing. So you just clean it with wax removal and put glide wax on again, and things are done. Only thing you need to take care is not to put glide wax on kick wax zone.

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