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I just recently purchased my first real plug race boot. I've been in a Head Raptor Super Shape since last year and now lost 30 - 40 pounds and moved into a 2007 Head RS 96 130 as my "free ski boot." I’m still working on this boot myself to fit properly but I am almost there. Ultimately, I bought 2008 Raptor RD 150 for the liner to use with the 96. Since I bought the RD I figured I might as well get it fit for me however I’m sure fitting a full-bore race plug is beyond my fitting abilities and is something I would like to get 100% right.


In terms of fit – what I am looking for? I’ve been reading about lifters in the heal, toe areas; can someone explain? Are these inside or outside the boot? What other issues other than a tight proper fit am I looking for? Is it common to ski without an orthotic? I used to ski an Aline but I’m just way to high on the Heal pocket to even consider (and I have a fat foot still, I can use the space with respect to my instep.) I’ve skied the Raptor and the RS without an orthotic and generally like the feel. Direct. But, naturally, I do get some cramping.


Living in the Virginia Area who would you recommend to fit? I'm sure there is a ton of work ahead of me but I could use the 150 for my SL/ GS skis.  Does anyone have any comments about Pro-Fit Ski & Skate?


Thanks for the help.